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Notable applications in Access and Access as a front-end to SQL Server include:

1) Redesigned and converted a local chamber of commerce membership database. The application is written in Access as its front-end with SQL Server as the back-end. It interacts with and updates Great Plains accounting software tables. An interface has been written in Crystal Reports to upload membership information to the Chamber’s website as well as produce end-user reports. Through Office automation, Outlook is directed to generate personalized emails in HTML. This is an on-going project.

2) Designed and implemented a web-based policy status tracking and document retrieval system for insurance inspections. Insurance companies can quickly access their accounts to show the status of policies that have been ordered for inspection. When the inspection is complete, the insurance company can either download or view their inspections on-line through PDF files. Inspectors can access and download their inspection assignments. Through Office automation, Excel forms are filled in automatically and cost replacement is calculated. This is an on-going project.

3) Sixteen individual database files were combined to produce a unifed tracking system for a real estate investment firm. Written in Access, the system uses Office automation to generate Excel spreadsheets and Word documents to investors and brokers. The system sends out customized broadcast emails to clients through Outlook. This is in on-going project.

Notable applications in Visual FoxPro include:

1) Designed and developed multi-user software to manage temporary corporate housing for business people who come to the Orlando area for extended stays. This system tracks available apartments, makes reservations, determines what amenities are available for that dwelling, charges for apartments, deposits and amenities, provides usage reports, schedules apartment and move-out cleanings. The system tracks reward points, imports sales data into Peachtree Accounting and provides franchise report in Excel. Originally developed in Visual FoxPro 3, this system was upgraded to Visual FoxPro 7 three years ago. This is an on-going project.

2) Designed and developed software to manage a multi-user manufacturing system that creates quotations, places orders, produces work tickets and build labels and schedules the building process. The system tracks orders through the manufacturing process, generates cost analysis reports, prints statements/invoices and records payments and tracks orders that must be built off-site. Originally developed in Visual FoxPro 3, this system was upgraded to Visual FoxPro 8 two years ago. This is an on-going project.

3) Designed and developed software to manage a multi-user child care tracking system that schedules counseling appointments, provides case management with scanning capabilities, provides billing of government agencies and monthly payments to over 200 child care centers for this non-profit corporation which manages child care assistance to over 17,000 children in Central Florida. Interfaces from Impromptu Report Writer and Microsoft Excel. This system was originally written in dBASE III and upgraded to Visual FoxPro 6 about five year ago. This is an on-going project.

Notable applications in Oracle include:

Analyzed over 100,000 parcels to determine the feasibility of implementing a stormwater management utility (SMU) for a local county government. Developed a prototype of the SMU system so that the county could get a feel for how the information would be presented. ORACLE DBMS software and associated tools were used to develop the application and served as systems manager on implementation phase as well as converting the initial data to populate the databases that make up the SMU system.

Other Technology Projects

1) RFP proposal, preparation and evaluation

2) Automatic upload and download of files to web-based attendance system using FPT commands

3) Control Microsoft Office products from Access and Visual Forpro through automation

4) Program scanners to "grade" bar sheets for pre and post tests and surveys

5) Implement bar code scanners for inventory tracking

6) Create XML data files for export/import operations

7) Create reports using HTML

8) Interface with several accounting systems including Quick Books and Peachtree